En este apartado se recogen las principales documentos técnicos, novedades y otras aplicaciones especificas que cada fabricante que SXS medioambiente proporcione en cada momento.

La finalidad de este apartado es poder proporcionar soluciones técnicas que vayan apareciendo en el mercado y que se hayan validado con éxito en diferentes sectores industriales, independientemente del tipo de producto o equipo.



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PCME’s involvement with the Cement Industry has lead to the development of many novel and unique solutions for in-stack particulate monitoring. Working worldwide in conjunction with the industry’s major producers, PCME provides an unparalleled range of instrumentation suitable for aggressive conditions and to help not only to protect our environment by aiding legislative compliance, but also in reducing operator costs by reducing filter maintenance and process downtime PCME's range of technologies are matched to the differing process conditions found in cement plant Bagfilters are widely in use as the preferred emission abatement for cement plant, with up to 20 or more separate bagfilters for larger plant, and a range of sizes and chamber configurations in use. Under normal circumstances, emissions are well below emissions limits of 30 or 50mg/m3, however there is a growing need for continuous monitoring to understand how the arrestment plant is working and provide information to help locate and replace leaking bags early on before failures can create contagious failures in other bags.