SXS Medioambiente forma parte de la Multinacional Inglesa SPIRAX SARCO SAU y es líder en el suministro de equipos y sistemas para la medida, análisis y control industrial, asi como en el control medioambiental.

Más de 40 años avalan la experiencia de nuestro departamento técnico/comercial proporcionando en cada momento las mejores soluciones técnicas presentes en el mercado.

Toda esta experiencia acumulada es fruto de la confianza depositada por nuestros clientes no tan solo por el buen resultado de los sistemas o equipos suministrados sino también por la calidad del asesoramiento de nuestros técnicos en un mercado en constante evolución como e el nuestro.

Precisamente esta constante evolución y actualización de nuestros productos permiten que podamos ofrecerles una amplia gama de soluciones  para poder ser aplicados e instalados en diversos sectores industriales



ap2e - SXS


Creation of AP2E and development of partnerships with research centres for the transfer of innovative technologies at the service of industrial companies Global filing of LPS (Low Pressure Sampling) patents and obtaining of the exclusive worldwide license for the sale of the OFCEAS technology (Optical Feedback Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy) filed by the Joseph Fourier University. Acquisition of an equity interest in AP2E by the investment fund Viveris Management, the Caisse d’Epargne and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation to the tune of €1.5 million, enabling AP2E to industrialise its technology LINK: ap2e



Bacharach Inc. began operations in 1909 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as a family-owned manufacturing business chartered by Hermann Bacharach. The Company’s initial focus was on the development and production of instruments that measure air flow and gas sensing for combustion analysis. Today, the business has expanded to include a complete line of products that detect, measure and monitor gases with portable and fixed (stationary) instruments. Bacharach’s history is rich with inventions, education, R&D initiatives, patented technologies and corporate acquisitions that have contributed to its current position as a respected industry leader. The timeline below shows the forward progress of the Bacharach history. LINK: BACHARACH



CODEL International Ltd is a UK-company based in Bakewell, in the heart of the picturesque Peak District National Park design and manufacture cutting edge instrumentation, primarily, for monitoring emissions to atmosphere, road tunnel environments and plant and rail safety. The company was initially formed in 1982 to design and manufacture gas monitors for process control use. Over the years the increase in environmental issues and new international legislation has guided our research and development department to continually improve and increase our product range. Today our state of the art analysers are supplied to a wide range of industries worldwide including power generation, combustion processes, road tunnels and process control. LINK: CODEL



Crowcon is a Halma company Our vision is to protect people and the environment from gas hazards We focus on gas detection, understanding current and future market requirements Crowcon operates internationally through a network of regional offices and authorised channel partners Crowcon invests in people, developing individuals and teams Central to our business is a strong quality culture Crowcon demonstrates a track record of strong growth, fulfilling customer needs We listen to current and future customers to ensure Crowcon is focused on customer satisfaction. LINK: CROWCON



Dado lab is estabilshed in 2013 by a team of people with many years of knowledge, experience and know-how in monitoring and sampling equipment for both environmental and stack emission applications. "Once you are the best, competition can only follow" said a great person and we truly believe in those few simple words. Our mission is the development of solutions dedicated to end-users. Your satisfaction and trust are our primary targets and this can be achived only through a constant research for the best technical solution, without compromises. Special attention is also paid to design, ergonomy quality of materials, care to details and practicity. Everything is designed and tested to be reliable and safe, providing, at the same time, the best solution on the market. Our knowledge and experience is also included when you choose our solutions, it can make the difference when working on the field or in laboratory



With our technical expertise and knowledge of worldwide industrial markets, Euro-Gas meets the essential needs relating to the safety of personnel and pollution control. Our commitment to health and safety, matched by our high quality customer service, has forged our reputation as a trusted gas detection and gas monitoring solution provider with global reach. With a comprehensive worldwide network of Distributors, encorporating many leading Gas Detection instrument manufacturers and suppliers, we offer a service to benefit and to protect your workforce and your environment. LINK: EURO-GASMAN



We are the largest manufacturer of photoionisation detection (PID) sensors with our technology trusted by major gas detection manufacturers around the globe. As well as sensors, we manufacture a range of leading handheld, personal and fixed PID detection instruments for the fast, accurate detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Additional to our PID range are our gas leak detectors, SF6 leak detectors, and portable mercury detectors. Our PID technology has a dynamic detection range of ppb to 20,000 ppm and exceptional resistance to humidity and contamination for the most accurate, reliable results you can trust within the most challenging environments


MRU Messgeräte für Rauchgase und Umweltschutz GmbH - SXS


Founded on 1st, June 1984 with just 2 employees MRU developed into a nationally as well as internationally respected enterprise. At its headquarters in Neckarsulm - Obereisesheim, Germany, MRU develops, produces and sells Emission Monitoring Systems for portable and stationary use all around the world, employing appr. 100 people. The rapid development, which MRU underwent in the past 30 years, could not be anticipated by anyone 30 years ago. “Environmental Protection” by far did not have the significance it has today. Very few had any idea of how important that aspect would become 30 years later. Business success solely was based on saving energy. Just a few turns with a screwdriver, meaning to reduce combustion air and thus improving combustion efficiency convinced the operating companies of large furnaces to such an extent that they would place orders even while the Analyzing Systems were still being demonstrated on site. MRU Emission Monitoring Systems are being exported in more than 70 countries worldwide. From a quite small beginning, our company developed into a medium-sized, globally acting and very successful enterprise




PCME Ltd is a leading specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of continuous particulate emission monitors for industrial processes worldwide. With instruments monitoring over 20,000 emission sources worldwide across a broad range of industries, PCME’s particulate monitoring solutions meet stringent regulatory requirements which improve environmental performance and control, increase plant effectiveness and assist in reducing costs. PCME’s success has been built on a track record of partnership with customers to understand their processes and devise effective ways of addressing the environmental challenges these present. LINK: PCME



POLLUTION, A TEAM OF PEOPLE Pollution headquartersPOLLUTION is an experienced designer and manufacturer of analytical instruments for the on-site chemical analysis of volatile compounds. Since 1991 POLLUTION is a leader in microGC and emissions FID technologies. Markets served: Environmental, Energy&Process (natural gas, petrochemical), Health&Safety. POLLUTION’s young and highly motivated team, on top of providing continuous innovation, works projected towards customer needs and satisfaction LINK: POLLUTION



Protea Ltd delivers customer focused solutions for process, emission and environmental monitoring applications. From an in-depth knowledge of measurement technologies, through system integration and software optimisation, to complete turn-key systems; Protea provides the solution to process improvement and emissions control LINK: PROTEA



DETECTORS; By radiation. View all radiation detectors β radiation detectors γ radiation detectors Spectrometric detectors X-ray detectors




SETNAG, an ISO9001 accredited company since 2000, designs and manufactures oxygen analysers for controlling combustion and processes. The products are designed around the efficient MicroPoas™ technology, which perfectly meets the demanding criteria of oxygen measurement (control of processes, control of combustion, fundamental research, etc.) APPLICATIONS : power and energy production, industrial processes, research, control laboratories, safety, heat treatment, food-processing industry, pure gas production, waste incineration, etc. LINK: SETNAG

SWR engineering GmbH - SXS


SWR quiere ser un contacto y un solucionador de problemas para los clientes que procesan y manejan sólidos en sus procesos y procedimientos. Nuestros productos se utilizan en el procesamiento de materias primas, así como en la producción y la protección del medio ambiente. Nuestro objetivo es facilitar su negocio con buenas soluciones que sean lo más simples posible.  La tecnología de desarrollo y aplicación "made in Germany" desempeña un papel importante en la ingeniería de SWR. Nuestros empleados trabajan duro para desarrollar soluciones y productos adecuados para el mercado.
Since October 2016, SWR engineering Messtechnik GmbH is part of the international group Environnement S.A.

The Environnement S.A Group, headquartered in Poissy (France), is leading the field in continuous environmental pollution analyzers. Since its foundation in 1978, the company has been growing continuously. Boosted by going public in 2006. The focus remains on the core competences of gas analysis and dust measurement.

With the acquisition of SWR into the broadly positioned measurement technology segment of ESA’s company group, the access to the process market will be significantly strengthened. For our customers, this new structure will generate noticeable benefits. In addition to being even more customer-oriented by means of further sales and service offices, the frequency of new products and innovations that SWR will bring out of its well-filled development pipeline will increase.
With our sister company PCME Ltd, based in Cambridge (UK), close cooperation is already taking place in the areas of distribution and development. This already offers an extended program with approved sensors according to TA-Luft, QAL1 and BImSchV for particle and dust emission measurement.

Within its development strategy and desire to unite its technologies, production sites and sales subsidiaries, the Environnement S.A Group is introducing its global commercial brand envea™.
The company has setup a new organization focused on its three core businesses: Ambient Air, Industry & Process, and Emissions. The Group is accelerating its organic development and growth through an ambitious unified Research, Development & Innovation program, and is also continuously targeting first-class acquisitions.